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What would be some ideal live entertainment?

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Basketball Entertainers at Exhibition
Basketball Entertainers at Exhibition

Everyone knows that having a presence at any exhibition is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the competitors. Exhibitions can tend to be long days and pretty boring sometimes if the stands are dull and there is no entertainment.
We have put together some ideas from our past experiences with working at several exhibitions.
Having some qwerky and eye catching entertainers or entertainment at an exhibition stand can be crucial in catching a potential client or customers attention.

– There are a variety of entertainment concepts that can be used at exhibitions.
1) WALKABOUT Entertainment is what dedicated entertainers such as football tricksters, human statues or unicycle stunt riders roam around an exhibition area either handing out publicity or wearing clothing with a logo or a web-site that relates back to a stand or brand.

2) Stand or Stage Show entertainment at exhibitions is usually performed a certain periodic times in order for a brand or a company to attract attention to the stand for potential clients to see, test, feel or try out their products and is usually a choreographed WOW factor and eye-catching entertainment show.
Entertainment examples are choreographed dance shows, tight rope stunt shows or motorbike freestyle performances.

3) Interactive and Experiential Entertainment for Exhibitions is a great way of having clients attracted to an exhibition stand and in some way interact with the brand, product or service in order to get an idea of how the product, service or brand works.
Interactive entertainment examples are having a go at riding a certain bike or trying out some clothing whilst doing something physical like football tricks or designing a graffiti design on a t-shirt or a graffiti wall.

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