Entertainment ideas for FESTIVALS in 2021

What entertainment ideas for festivals in 2021 can you come up with?

How can you jazz up your festivals in 2021 to entice the crowds?

Entertainment comes in all different abilities, skills, and artistic talents. Entertainment ideas for festivals in 2021 are no different hence why Streets United is your go-to entertainment agency providing all types of exciting talent.

Festival entertainment types

Some of the entertainment on offer for festival events include street walking statues. These artists generally walk around and mingle with people. They usually wear or paint themselves to the theme colours of the festival or do whatever you request. They can also pose in their statue positions for a period of time.

Levitating statues are also very popular in the street performing world as you fathom how they stay in awkward positions for long periods without even blinking.  Another popular statue for an event is a mirror statue, they literally reflect everything! So festival-goers have a great time trying to catch their reflections in the broken mirror effect performers costumes.

Street Performers

These are also very popular in the festival world. They can be in the form of acrobatic artists, parkour entertainers and balancing acts. All these require strength and skill and are amazing to watch in action. The energy from these acts are second to none and you’ll be left wanting to see more each time they perform. Their acts are carefully choreographed to perfection and truly world-class performers.

The above is just a handful of entertainment that Streets United can provide. Should you have any further questions or requests regarding entertainment ideas for festivals in 2021, please contact us using the details below.

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