Extreme Bike Show

Have you ever seen a bike show in action?

Are you searching for an extreme type of entertainment?

Hopefully our previous Extreme Bike Show will give you som ideas!

Extreme bike show
Extreme bike show

This extremely exhilarating MOTOR X stage show that was performed and filmed in Hong Kong and has been performed all around the UK has wowed audiences of all ages. Just the sound of the bike motors gets the crowd wondering whats going to happen next.
The professional riders perform daredevil jumps and tricks including a duo synchronised backflip.

This Motor x or motorbike jump show has been performed for various events such as festivals – corporate events – festivals – street parades – exhibitions – trade shows – agriculture shows – product launches, store openings and promotional brand events for brands such as Honda, Castrol, NEC Birmingham, Dunlop, Nokia and Momstor energy just to name a few.

– Minimum spacing 35m(L) x 10m(W) x 5m (H)
– Ramp construction can either be done on site or ramps transported to venue (depending on where in the world the show is)
– Bike can be hired, or transported to venue depending on where the venue is
– Sound system for show music

For mor information about this motor x motorbike show please contact:

Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483


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