Extreme Martial Arts Show

Martial arts Headstand artists

What is extreme martial arts entertainment?

Looking for Shoulin Monks martial arts show?

Can martial arts entertainers provide workshops?

Martial arts Headstand artists
Martial arts Headstand shoulin

What is extreme martial arts entertainment?

Otherwise known as tricking, this art form consists of a number of different martial arts fused together.

Are martial arts shows done by solo artists or in a group?

Highly energized extreme martial arts shows can be performed by one artist / tricker, a pair of extreme martial artists / trickers, or a large group in a flash mob style.

Martial Arts Group
Martial Arts Group

Where can martial arts shows be performed?

Extreme martial arts entertainers are great for any sporting or charity events, street events and promotions, community and social events, stage shows, guerrilla marketing campaigns, store openings, product launches, school and public festivals, music videos, motor shows, movie stunts, exhibitions, commercials and TV programmes.


Technical Requirements: (For a 5 person show)

Minimum Space Required: 5m(W) x 5m(L) x 3m(H)
Length of Show: 4-7mins
Floor Surface: A smooth, flat, dry surface……..shows can be performed on grass
Music: A sound system should be supplied but a portable one can be provided at an extra cost if needs be

Can martial arts entertainers provide workshops?

Extreme martial arts workshops can be given alongside any performance or show.

For more information on martial arts entertainment or staged productions for any type of event in the UK and Europe or world wide in any country of the world please contact:

Streets United
T: (+44) 208 133 0249
e: info@streetsutd.com
w: www.streets-united.com

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