Do you want to dazzle your guests with extreme STUNT show ENTERTAINMENT for EVENTS?

Are you a fan of extreme sports and hosting an event?

If you are hosting an event and want it to the best your guests have ever attended, then Streets United can provide you with this unbelievable extreme STUNT show ENTERTAINMENT for EVENTS!

Performance details

This show is perfect for entertaining every audience. This can be from small children who will be mesmerised at the incredible sights to the adults who think they have seen everything there is to see in life! The extreme STUNT show ENTERTAINMENT for EVENTS has a variety of performers. These include stunt BMX riders, stunt motorbikes, dances and fire entertainers, an incredible breathtaking mix of performers.

You will see the BMX riders and stunt motor bikers doing backflips in the air in-between fire columns and flying after riding massive ramps! The dancers and fire entertainers are an unimaginable addition, performing to the sound of the DJs music and bringing even more attention to the stunt entertainers performing above them. The show lasts between one to two hours and your guests will see the best performance of their lives.

Location of the event

Perfect for long-awaited product launches, corporate events, or sporting events. This extreme STUNT show performance requires a large arena to perform their tricks to their full potential. If you arrange the large arena, all technical lighting, sound, fireworks and logistics are included in the package.

Should you have any further questions regarding this awesome event entertainment, then please get in touch with us using the details below.

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