F3 World Tour Freestyle Football Champion – WINNER FINAL BATTLE – London

F3 Freetstyle Football Tour London Champion

Who won the F3 Freestyle Football Tour – London?

How many Freestyle Footballers battled in out in London?

What was it that won the final freestyle football battle at the UEFA Champions League Festival?


F3 Freetstyle Football Tour London Champion
F3 Freetstyle Football Tour London Champion


The Winner

Mich Ryc from Poland with his fancy freestyle football skills and the removal of his shoe in the 3rd round of the final battle managed to show the Norwegian champion Tobias up in front of the expert panel of judges. Check out full video of the final battle.


How many Freestyle Footballers Battled it out

16 of the worlds top freestyle footballers battled it out in London UK at the UEFA Champions League Festival at the Olympic Park International Quarter. The defending world champion Andrew Henderson now awaits the Dubai leg of the tour on the 31 May 2013 in order to see if he can regain his world championship status.

What Won The Final Battle

Some extremely fancy football freestyle tricks were performed by both professional freestylers but there was one SUPER spectacular crowd pleaser and a certain battle winner trick!!
This was when Mich Ryc whilst in the middle of his 3rd & final round battle actually removed 1 shoe, turned the shoe around and slipped his foot back into his shoe the reverse way and continued doing kick ups with his shoe placed in an extremely awkward position, winning the crowds applause and in turn winning the battle and the London World Tour title……….. Well done Mich.




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