Female Bike Tricks Artist Show

Are you looking for a female bike tricks artist?

 Why hire this female bike tricks artist?
 – She performed at “Espace 600”, Grenoble
 – She was featured on BBC TV Show Slammer
Female Bike Trickster

About the Female Bike Tricks Artist

–        She performed at “Espace 600”, Grenoble

–        She was featured on BBC TV Show Slammer

–        She performed in Show “Obstacle” in Jacksons Lane, London.

–        She performed a duo of straps/trick bike in the Roundhouse (London)

–        She performed at the “Step it out” Show at the Space Festival – France

–        She performed at Teatro Circo Price (Madrid)

–        She performed at La Piste Aux Espoirs (Tournai, Belgium)


Technical Bike Tricks Show requirements

Show Time: Can be anything from 5min-10min

Number of artists: 1

Spacing Required: A minimum spacing of 7m(W) x 7m(L)

Floor Surface: A non slippery smooth surface is required preferably wood, marble, concrete or tar

Music: A sound system is required for some show music to be played for her act

Female Bike Artist
Bike Tricks Workshops can always be apart of the entertainment. After the bike tricks show she can interact with and teach children or adults a few basic bike tricks that they can pick up in minutes.

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