Female Free runners for live promotional events

How can female free runners for live promotional events liven up your entertainment?

What kind of free runners would provide the best entertainment?

Female free runners for live promotional events can definitely liven up your entertainment. Not only are they talented, they are extremely acrobatic and will get the crowd going. They are especially good for promotional events. Free runners have to train exceptionally hard and practice every single day to become experts. If you are after entertainment that is for an event geared towards women, then having female free runners will definitely be a great highlight.

How does an all-female free runner show work?

Streets United can provide top class free running entertainers for shows that can be choreographed using all female free runners. Whatever your requirements for your event, we can make it happen. The show can be co-ordinated with a specific theme in mind depending on what the promotion is. For instance, you could be promoting the latest top quality, women’s workout wear and you could have female free runners jumping off huge outfit display boxes doing acrobatic jumps and tricks off the boxes whilst wearing the clothing.

Female Freerunners for live promotion events
Free runners in action

What types of tricks are involved?

Being an all-female free-running team, these artists can take on any challenge. They can adapt their performances according to your needs. If you require them to perform a specific sequence or in a limited space, they will cater to your request with no problems. They can perform wearing various outfits jumping over various objects depending on the promotion.

Female Freerunners for live promotion events
Group of free runners

Should you have any further questions or requests regarding female free runners for live promotional events, please contact Streets United using the details below.

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