Festival EVENT Street ART Entertainment

Festival EVENT Street ART Entertainment

Would you like to have festival EVENT street ART entertainment to surprise your guests?

Are you hosting an event and want to provide your guests with unique quality entertainment?

If you are hosting an event and looking for artistic entertainment for your guests, Streets United can provide you with this incredibly unique festival EVENT street ART entertainment! Your event will be memorable!

Type of Performance

This performance includes various types of art such as 3D chalk art, recycled art, sand sculpting, graffiti artwork which you can choose depending on your preferences. The artwork examples across the different types of art include animals, famous celebrities and the most varied objects. The 3D chalk art pieces, such as a pool and cracks on the floor to show dolphins are super realistic!

If you want to be more environmentally conscious or wish to draw attention to the subject of the environment and/or recycling, then the recycled art option will be great for you! The artist uses only recycled materials to create his amazing artwork in incredible sizes! The graffiti artwork is also truly impressive as it can be done not only on walls but also on vehicles such as cars and vans. If you want to take this entertainment a step forward and make it more interactive and personal to your event, logos or branding of the festival can also be created!

Duration of the event

This festival EVENT street ART entertainment is perfect for shopping centre exhibitions, festivals and corporate events. Please be aware that the artwork can take between two hours to one week depending on its complexity and detail.

Should you have any further questions regarding this amazing entertainment option please get in touch using details below.

Streets United Event Entertainment
Email – info@streetutd.com
Tel – +44 2081 330 249

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