Flatland is about what you can do with your BMX. BMX bikes tend to be small so that one can do some nasty tricks with it, around it, on top of it and even under it, although it’s not advisable. Breakdance meets valse meets tango.

Flatlanding requires a flat surface, so amateur flatlanders may be spotted in parks, in car parks or in any other flat but safe place. Professionals will usually dedicate a lot of time to this and will not pursue other BMX tricks. Flatlanding is difficult and requires many hours of training, discipline, physical but also mental so it might not be unusual to hear from some flatlanders that they do Zen meditation.

The UK scene is active; since 2011, the flatland athlete Matti Hemmings has been organizing the UK Flatland BMX Championship, in Newport and in Bristol.

Check out the videos from the championships for sneak peeks into the masters’ tricks.

There are also some more competitions revolving around the BMX flatlanding, for example, below you can watch videos that won UK Flatland Edit Competition:

CUBISM from lee wilson on Vimeo.

Do you have stories, photos, videos on your BMX flatlanding? We’d love to take a look!

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