Flyboard Night Time Show

Water entertainment performers

Is it a SPECTACULAR night time LED show you are after?

How could a Flyboard Night Time Show tick all your night time entertainment needs?

This WOW flyboard night water show is the 1st of its kind to be performed using LED suites

If you have ever seen a daytime flyboard show performed you would have seen the extreme complexity of the tricks performed by the flyboard performers.
Performing at night gives a totally different contrast to the already AMAZING performance.

Types of Performances & Venues

The flyboard night time show has the amazing ability to be performed in any sized body of water for example a swimming pool, a fountain, a lake, a marina bay or a river canal. Making this show the absolute water entertainment show.
The flyboard night time show can be performed by a solo flyboard artist right up to a large group of up to 20 performers.

Performances can last from anything between 5mins to 20mins.

For more information on this any any other flyboard or jet ski shows please contact:

Previous Events & Shows

Over the years the flyboard night time show has performed at a variety of events and has given out of this world performances for brands such as Audi, BMW, Pernot Richard and Under Armour just to name a few.

The flyboard night time show is THE most extreme water entertainment spectacular that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages and has been an absolute highlight at theme parks, weddings, corporate events, boat launches, marina events, sea front fire works displays and private events.

Technical Requirements

  • A dry area for performers to change
  • An obstruction free water performance area
  • 70% darkness
  • A jetty or a launch area where artists can easily access the water

If you’d like to be AMAZED with a flyboard night time show please feel free to send through any questions or enquiries about the show to 

Streets United

UK office +44 208 133 0249
UK (m) +44 7818 226 993
Spanish (m) +34 680 914 483


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