French break-dance scene


In 2004, Lyon Dance Biennial opened with a break-dance show. While unusual, this choice of style meant at the time that what was perceived as a street dance, an art form which did not quite belong in the dance patrimony, had more or less become mainstream. It has been given a stage and a like-gala moment. This particular opening of the Biennial was a huge success.

Break-dance in France has become popular alongside the hip-hop movement, in the 1980s and unlike in the US, the modern dance world has slowly integrated it in its domain. This is in part because, hip-hop and break-dancing were at the beginning perceived as a form of street & artistic opposition to the French government who disregarded the many immigrants of the 80’s, having thus, a more political and social approach than anywhere else in the world.

Since 2010, Montpellier, a city in Southern France, is where the world finale of  BOTY (Battle of the Year, which is premier b-boying tournament in the world) takes place and which this year, is just a few days away – on November 17th.

Major Break-dancers

One of the most famous groups of break-dancers is he Vagabonds, founded by Mohamed Berlabi, who trains and teaches dance in Paris. they have won several award since they formed as a group, in the year 2000, including the World Champions of BOTY.

Pockemon Crew is another famous and award winning break-dance French groups, and Arthur Cadre is just one more proof  that the French are natural born break-dance transformers. Defying gravity is what he’s best known for.

Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.

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