What is frisbee freestyle entertainment?

Can frisbee freestyle workshops be provide?

– European and World Freestyle Frisbee Champions – Mazda Car promotion Ambassador  –  Bahrain F1 Stage Show Entertainment Are Just come of the reasons to book the world class Frisbee Freestyle Show   What is frisbee freestyle entertainment? Frisbee freestyling is one of the most mesmerizing street sports. Frisbee freestyle entertainers perform a variety of tricks with the aim of achieving the highest number of movements with the least amount of touches, before stopping or passing the frisbee onto a teammate.
Technical Requirements for Freestyle Frisbee Shows Minimum Space: 5m x 5m Number of Artists: Shows can work with 1 artist but it is advised to have at least 2 freestylers Length Of Show: 5-10mins depending on number of freestylers used Music: A sound system is necessary to play show music
Can frisbee freestyle entertainers provide workshops?
Frisbee freestyle workshops can be given alongside any shows or performances. Professional frisbee entertainers can teach some simple moves and tricks to adults or children and also create memorable photo opportunities for anyone who wishes to have a frisbee disk spun on their finger.
Previous Achievements, Brands, Events and Clients of these Frisbee Freestylers – European and World Freestyle Frisbee Champions – Mazda Car –  Bahrain F1 – Decathlon – Phillips – Blackberry – Jeep –  Eurosport – Adidas – MTV  For more information on frisbee freestyle entertainment or staged productions for any type of event in the UK and Europe or world wide in any country of the world please contact: Streets United T: (+44) 208 133 0249 e: info@streetsutd.com w: www.streetsutd.com

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