FUTURISTIC Entertainment Ideas for events

FUTURISTIC Entertainment Ideas for events

Would you like to have some FUTURISTIC Entertainment Ideas for events?

What does entertainment look like to you in years to come?

Futuristic entertainment ideas for events can come in all different shapes and sizes. At Streets United we provide a wide variety of entertainment gearing towards the future. This can be in the form of digital and automated performances. What with the metaverse entering our lives, digitalisation is definitely taking over the world to a whole new extreme. Are you ready for what the future holds?

Digital Entertainment Ideas for events

Digital entertainment has certainly come a long way over the last few years. At Streets United we plan on continuing the digital era that is keeping our clients satisfied and impressed with the type of entertainment we provide. This comes in many different styles and talents across the board.

Digital Speed Painting for Events

This unique and absolutely revolutionary digital speed painting artist has taken the world by storm and swapping his real paints for digital spray paint. The art of digital spray painting has only over the past few months developed where digital graffiti walls have been turned into canvases that this creative and professional speed painting entertainer has certainly made the most of.

FUTURISTIC Entertainment Ideas for events
Digital speed painter

LED Football Shows for Futuristic Entertainment

If you want to see futuristic entertainment then these artists will definitely have the attire to put you in the future. These professional artists will not only be performing tricks with a football, they will do this whilst looking very futuristic in their outfits. The attractive LED suits they wear are installed with various coloured lights which help to enhance the performance.

FUTURISTIC Entertainment Ideas for events
LED Football Entertainer

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