Graffiti mural in London’s Piccadilly Circus

Graffiti mural in London’s Piccadilly Circus’ Trocadero Center. The graffiti mural overlooks an underground open area (free to use) where street dance and break dance crews train, rehearse and practice on a daily basis in central London.

Graffiti mural - Central London

Graffiti art has gone through major transformations in the past few years; from being thought of as a form of vandalism, graffiti has become the voice of the resistance in some countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia during the Arab Uprising to a collectible object of art in cities like London and New York. Also, there is no city in the world, small or large, where graffiti isn’t present. It is the art of the next century, a world wide language available to all. 

Streets United works with some of London’s top graffiti artists, who have created pieces of artwork for shopping centres, shop fronts, exhibitions and branded events.

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