Ice Sculptures for Corporate Events

Sculpting in ice for corporate events

Are you looking for some chilling entertainment ideas?

Have you ever thought of having some ice sculptures for Corporate Events that you are organising?

Ice sculptures for Corporate Events certainly attracts a huge amount of attention no matter where the ice sculpture is placed.
Whether it be a finished ice sculpture or an ice sculpture that is being sculpted live in front of an audience.

The talented abilities of a professional ice sculpting artist are incredible in that they can create any type of sculpture using their tools such as chain saw’s and chisels. No matter how big or small the request is.


Types Of Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures for Corporate Events can vary tremendously but there are some of the sculptures that have been created in the past to give you an idea of what can be sculpted. 

For Christmas themed events ice sculptures such as snowmen, Christmas trees and reindeers can be sculpted.

For branded events ice sculptures that form the name of the brand or products such as branded drinks bottles or vehicles can be sculpted on a small or large sized scale.

The ice sculptures for corporate events that our ice sculpture professionals have created sculptures for boat showsdinner galas – and private events. Ice sculptures have also been created for brands such as Finlandia, Disney and The Olympics.

Ice sculptures can be create for corporate events in London, UK – Germany – Monaco – France – Sweden – Dubai – Switzerland – Qatar – Saudi Arabia – Spain – Italy – Lebanon – Egypt – Finland – Russia – Netherlands – Belgium – Scotland – Malta – Croatia – Poland – Norway and Denmark.

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