Interactive Digital Graffiti Wall


Have you ever wondered what Digital Graffiti is?

Are you searching for that perfect Interactive show?

Hopefully we will inspire you with our Interactive Digital Graffiti Wall!

Who would have thought that graffiti would go digital….. well guess what, it has been digital for the past few years. This SUPER intelligent digital graffiti wall has featured at a variety of events and has created an effective centre point of interaction. The Digital Graffiti Wall brings out the creativity in anyone no matter their art skills and one of the amazing features is that a design once finished can be emailed or shared via social media channels. An added extra feature that can be attached to the Digital Graffiti wall is the printing of creative designs onto various things such as T-shirts, stickers and material bags just to name a few.

The digital graffiti wall has been a great interaction at events such as festivals-exhibitions-company corporate events-charity events-sporting events and event permanent installation at car show rooms.
Brands that have uses the digital graffiti wall have been Google, Mercedes Smart Car, Lucozade drinks, EA Games, Nokia, RedBull and Sony just to name a few.

– Minimum spacing required 4m(W) x 4m(L) x 2,5m(H)
– A power supply
– For more details about printing please contact us


For more information about this Digital Graffiti Wall please contact

Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483


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