Interactive E-sport ENTERTAINMENT for events

Interactive E-sport ENTERTAINMENT for events

What kind of Interactive E-sport ENTERTAINMENT for events is available?

What is e-Sport Entertainment?

Interactive E-sport ENTERTAINMENT for events is a form of unique entertainment where players in the game play against each other in real time. These games are deeply rooted in team-based gameplay, player-versus-player combat and virtual reality. E-sports are popular competitive games that are played online. You have to have some sort of skill when playing e-sports that require strategy and coordination.

Some interactive activities include things such as interactive remote control cars and VR experiences to name a couple.

Interactive remote-control car e-sport

Remote-control car racing may not be as popular as the traditional form of racing, but it is gaining momentum. In remote-control e-sport, cars have on-board cameras and a transmitters that sends video and information to a receiver; The driver uses a handheld controller to control the car. The race-track is set up as a miniature version of an original car race-track and the competitors stand on the side whilst controlling their cars digitally. It a fun and very interactive experience.

E-sport entertainment

Drone VR Experiences

Our drone flying VR experience, takes e-sport events to a whole new level and is definitely an experience that will entertain the crowds, leaving them mind blown in the process. Virtual reality has been changing the way we watch videos, play games and interact with each other. But there is one perspective that still needs to be explored – the sky above us. Drone VR experiences are one of those ways that allow us to do just that.

VR Experiences

Interactive e-Sport Entertainment has only just begun and there is no telling what it will be like in just a few years’ time. If you have any further questions or requests regarding interactive E-sport ENTERTAINMENT for events, please contact Streets United using the details below.

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