Italian Parkour Scene

Parkour is a mix between sports, arts and military practice, because that is where it originated. The practitioners are called by the French terms, traceur and traceuse. The sport was invented in at the beginning of the 1980s in Paris, France, by David Belle, who is to this day the most famous traceur.

The sport spread in Europe and USA among the adventure seekers and let’s see how that’s going on in Italy.

In the past few years there have been a couple of different events in Italy dedicated to parkour and to teaching parkour to young enthusiasts.

One of them is Ecce Parkour, which takes place in one of the central piazzas in Rome, and has been going on for two years now and they build their own structures for the parkour shows.

Milano Monkeys is a more famous group, an active association developed to sustain the parkour movement, while they tour throughout Italy, participating in events and giving workshops to those who want to learn the basics of this amazing sport.

This is how they train

This is a sport and art that is worth watching, so here is another documentary about parkour in Rome.



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