LASER Duel Entertainment for EVENTS

LASER Duel Entertainment for EVENTS

Doesn’t a LASER duel entertainment for EVENTS sound exciting?

Are you hosting an event and looking for unique entertainment options?

If its unique entertainment which will leave your guests in awe that you are after, Streets United can provide you with a LASER duel entertainment for EVENTS! These two entertainers will showcase an extremely modern type of entertainment using laser light to duel each other!

How does LASER Duel Entertainment work?

During the performance, the two entertainers stand facing each other and duel without ever touching each other, making it a cross between martial arts and performative dancing. Sometimes surrounded by laser light and other times having it in between them as a fighting tool, the two entertainers both dodge the laser light and use it in their favour, creating a dynamic performance.

The added element of the sounds that accompany the laser light movements, make it a more immersive experience. Each performance lasts between five to seven minutes and the colours of the laser can be changed to better personalise your event, using perhaps the colours of your brand or latest product.

Location of the event

Perfect for product launches, corporate events, award ceremony events or marketing events. The performers of the LASER duel entertainment for EVENTS are flexible in attending different locations to perform. However, when choosing the location for your event, please make sure that the stage space meets the minimum requirements. These are 10m x 10m and ensure there is sufficient height to install the lasers above the performers in order for the performance to happen to its full potential.

Should you have any further questions regarding this awesome event entertainment, please get in touch using details below.

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