LASER Performers for Events

LASER Performers for Events

Do you want to make your event extra special with the presence of LASER performers for events?

How would a lighting entertainment show enrich your event?

Whether you are a massive fan of laser performances or you have never had the opportunity to witness one before, you definitely cannot miss out on this unique entertainment show that Streets United makes available.

Laser Performance details

This amazing lighting entertainment will hypnotise your guests and leave them totally focused on the performer’s tricks. The performers control the rays of laser lights by spinning them in the air and dividing them into multiple rays of light. These are in the form of harps and rainbows.

The energetic music in the background makes the show more dynamic, and worthy of a standing ovation from any crowd! This unique show usually lasts from five to seven minutes. Additionally, if you want a more interactive show, the colours of the lasers can be changed to suit the occasion. This can be at a product launch, a corporate event or an award ceremony. 

Location of the event

These LASER performers for events are able to perform anywhere you’d like to host your event. This could be in a conference room, a theatre or even outside! However, when considering places for your event, please keep in mind that the performers require a minimum performance space of 4m x 4m. The performance is seen from over 50m away, so having an outside venue might really be a viable option!

Should you have any further questions regarding these awesome laser performers for events, please get in touch using details below.

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