LED Screen Event Entertainer Magician

Plasma Screen Projection Magic

Have you ever heard of an LED screen event entertainer magician?

 Have you seen a high-tech magician perform at any event before?


This is probably one of the most sophisticated types of magicians out there at the moment. All his tricks and animated performances are conducted through the LED projection screen they are all pre-programmed magic skills that are performed whilst he’s standing on the stage in front of the huge LED screen or projection screen.

Having his magic tricks performed on the LED screen simply gives it an extra special wow factor as his amazing tricks can be presented and performed in front of hundreds or even thousands of people.

New Tech Magic Tricks

This LED screen event entertainer magician has such a variety of magic tricks under his belt that are performed using the projection or LED screen. Some of his high-tech magic tricks include pulling certain objects from the LED screen. And some of the technically advanced magic entertainment tricks include visually manipulating what is happening on screen in other words if there is a person that is involved with the magic trick that is projected on screen the magician and his tech related tricks can look like he is actually in direct contact with the person on screen and that person on screen can also speak or communicate with him. But in reality all these tricks are pre-programmed.


Ability to engage Audiences 

The other special factor about the LED screen event entertainer magician is that he is able to call out members of the audience to be a part of his tricks and bring them up on stage and involve them in these highly tech related magic tricks that he performs. For more information about this super sophisticated LED screen event entertainer magician please contact.


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