Live Marketing Entertainment

Marketing Live Entertainers

What is live marketing entertainment?

How do sign spinners create a buzz when it comes to live marketing?

Below is a brief insight on how live marketing entertainment can essentially have a HUGE impact on any promotional or marketing campaign.

Marketing Live Entertainers
Marketing Live Entertainers

The objective of any marketing campaign or promotion is to attract a maximum amount of attention or give an unforgettable engagement experience to any visitor or onlooker.

Live marketing sign spinners have attracted a huge amount of attention and increased footfall or marketing awareness by over 70% on many marketing campaigns or promotions.

Live Marketing Entertainment in Europe

Sign spinner entertainers have been a huge hit in the USA and sign spinning is slowly becoming more and more popular in Europe – the UK – Scotland – Wales and Ireland.

Sign spinners in France – Germany – Italy – Spain are also slowly growing in popularity especially more so now that you live marketing entertainment has proven to increase visual awareness.

Just have a think about it, if you were to see a sign moving or spinning and acrobatic moves being done by a sign spinner, what would you remember the most, a static sign or that moving sign?

The difference between a sign holder and a sign spinner

It is a proven fact worldwide that anything in motion or moving is simply more interesting, more attractive and visually entertaining to watch.

More eyes and attention are drawn to any sign by having a sign spinner spin it, as part of any live marketing entertainment campaign, as opposed to having still sign.

Technical Requirements

– a dedicated space or area where a sign spinner can spin his sign in.
– an ideal area that has a high footfall of people or decent amount of passing traffic

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