Look-a-Like Celebrity Entertainers for Events in Hong Kong

Are you looking for look-a-like celebrity entertainers for events in Hong Kong? Do you require a famous person look like to attend your special event in Hong Kong?

It is always amazing to have a celebrity at an event but on some occasions it is just impossible to get the actual celebrity to your event these can be for various reasons, the expense, just the impossible location or just getting in contact with the actual celebrity or there management.

Streets United have been privileged to work with some incredible celebrity look-a-likes from a variety of different Industries that include film and movie, sporting, business, political, inspirational and Hollywood.

Getting look-a-like celebrity entertainers for events in Hong Kong is something that is very easy to do for us as an entertainment agency having a network of over 300 look-a-likes.

The Hong Kong rugby sevens is a very prestigious event that takes place every year in Hong Kong and we have been privileged over the past couple of years to supply and handful of celebrity look-a-likes to the event for audiences and crowds attending the event to take pictures with and to say that they had a claim to fame at the event. Over the years we have supplied a Mr Bean look-a-like, Michael Jackson look-a-like, Pink look-a-like, John Travolta look-a-like and Madonna look-a-like.

Should you have a corporate event, private event, sporting event or exhibition where you would like a certain celebrity to attend and creates a buzz with the people attending the event please do let us know. Any type of celebrity look-a-like from the Queen of England to Donald Trump to Sylvester Stallone or Muhammad Ali. Absolutely any look-a-like that you can think of we can get.

 We are also able to supply celebrity look-a-like entertainers to events in surrounding countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea or Australia.

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