Middle EAST Drone Entertainment Displays

Drone ENTERTAINMENT in Middle East

Would you like to have Middle EAST Drone Entertainment Displays at your event?

Are you looking for unique entertainment to amaze your guests?

Drone entertainment displays are one of the most modern entertainment types available and you can have one at your event! If you are planning to host an event in the Middle East and want it to be a success among your guests, Streets United can help you with the entertainment and provide you with this incredible Middle EAST Drone Entertainment Displays!

Palm tree at Middle EAST Drone Entertainment Displays
Palm Tree at Middle EAST Drone Entertainment Displays

Performance type

Making use of the latest technology, the technicians behind the drones will program them to make up shapes in the air which range from palm trees to words and even the crescent moon. The display lasts between five to ten minutes. This makes your event even more special as the shapes, colours and patterns of the display can all be costumed. So whether you are hosting a corporate event, a product launch or an award ceremony, you will be able to market to your event!

Location of the show

This entertainment option is very flexible when it comes to the location of the show. It can be performed anywhere you want to host your event! However, it is preferable for the Middle EAST Drone Entertainment Displays to happen outdoors as the drones need to fly high to be able to form shapes in the air. When choosing the location of your event please be aware that there will be between 50 to 250 drones flying at a time. Weather might affect the performance as high winds can hamper the flying display.

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