Mobile GAMING VEHICLE for Events in London

Mobile Gaming Vehicle in London

Are you looking for a mobile GAMING VEHICLE for events in London?

Do you need some interactive gaming 4 an event in London?

This revolutionary mobile GAMING VEHICLE has been designed to turn up at any venue or event space switch on and have people enter the mobile GAMING VEHICLE and play a selection of over 200 different types of games.

In this mobile GAMING VEHICLE for events in London there is space for 10 gamers to be playing in sequence at the same time, there are 2 VR platforms and the rest are seated gaming stations where different games can be played or the same game played by the same people all at once.

Bringing the Gaming to you

With the mobile GAMING VEHICLE for events in London there is no need for any setup of game stations or computers in offices or under tents at the event the mobile GAMING VEHICLE for events in London is totally mobile and as long as there is sufficient parking space then the mobile gaming van can turn up switch on and kick into action.

Whether the event is in London or Wales or Scotland or Manchester Mobile GAMING VEHICLE for events can be brought to you wherever you are in the UK or even Europe.

Any Games for Any Themed Event

Whether it is a child’s birthday party, a gaming technology company workday or a launch of a new game onto the market all can be pre-programmed and prepared specifically for any type of event no matter what the theme. If you have an Assassin’s Creed themed event the whole van and the games inside can be adapted according to the theme of the event.


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