Motorbike Jump Ramp Show

Are you looking for a motorbike themed  for your event?

Could a jump ramp wow people attending your event?

Hopefully answers to the questions above can be found in the article below and can help you to decide if our Motorbike Jump Ramp Show could be ideal for your next event.

A highly invigorating and adrenaline pumping show that keeps anyone watching on the edge of their seats. The show is filled with thrills and surprises as the riders liven up the watching audience with ever increasing difficult skills including back flips in the air.

This show is perfect for small spaces and arenas and can actually fit in a space of 35m in length.

This mini x motorbike show has been performed around the world at motorbike exhibitions, motor-shows, street festivals, exhibitions, corporate events, TV shows, gala dinners and product launches. 

– Minimum space of 35m(L) x 5m(W) x 5m(H)
– A sturdy, nonslip, fairly level surface
– A well lit area performance area is essential
– The show can be performed with commentary, with or with out music
– The show can be performed with pyro effects also in the background of other shows that can be performed in the foreground

For more information about this Motorbike jump ramp show please contact: 

Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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