Nightingale drone display

Did you get to watch the 2020 New Year’s Eve drone & fireworks show London?

What kind of entertainment would you be excited to see at a New Year’s Eve event?

Seeing as Covid-19 took over the whole of 2020 and no events could be organised or planned especially for New Year’s Eve, London put on an excellent display of drones and fireworks telling a story in the night sky. New Year’s Eve drone & fireworks show London could not have went off any better when it came to showing off the magnificent display of colour and love.

The show lasted all of 10 minutes using the combination of lights, fireworks and drones to light up the night sky giving off calmness and peace to the year just experienced. It told a story of the various happenings of 2020. The awesome performance that lit up the night sky took place over various famous landmarks throughout London.

The Drone and Firework Display

The lights and fireworks were clearly displayed and in unison with the music and narratives being played. From the images of the flying nightingale to showing the NHS some love to the moving turtle depicting the climate concerns all played a part in the nation’s ongoing concerns and unity during the pandemic.

The wonderful world of technology is ever growing and always paving the way for more to come. The brilliant timely displays used 1000’s of drones and fireworks to carry out the various combination images. This piece of entertainment provided a truly breath-taking New Year’s Eve show.

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