Night LED Light Drone Flashing Show for Events

LED light Drone FLASHING Entertainment for Events

Do you require a night LED light drone flashing show for events in Europe?

Is a drone light display what you are after?

We as one of the most recognized specialists in the drone display entertainment industry are able to co-ordinate and choreograph a drone flying display that is second to none!

Amazing Night LED light Drone Show for Special Events

The display by the LED lit up drones is all synced and pre-programed by our specialist entertainment production team. The production team can design any type of lighting formation in the sky; it’s all up to your imagination!

Different Types of Possible Formations

Whether it be a clients brand or a logo or simply a figure of a certain type of object such as a car or a person or even an animal or a object with certain colours. Any type of formation is possible and can be designed by our night LED flying light drone display team production.

Drone FLASHING LED Light Show for Events

If you require a drone flying light show at the opening of a particular event or during a festival event or if you would simply like our drone flying specialist to display the name of a loved one during an anniversary special event or the request for a hand in marriage of someone, absolutely anything is possible to ask for from our drone display production team.

LED Light Drone Flashing Show

Duration of Show

The length of a night LED light drone flashing show for events is usually between 5 to 10 minutes and the number of drones are flown during a display can vary from 50 to 250 all depending on what needs to be created by the LED light drones.

For more information about the night LED light drone flashing show for events please contact

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