Opening Ceremony Entertainment

Have you ever wondered about  how to open a ceremony?

Are you searching for professionals live show for your event?

Hopefully our Opening Ceremony Entertainment  will inspire your next show!

Catwall acrobats
Catwall acrobats

Opening Ceremonies are memorable events and should give anyone attending something to remember like a stunning live show.
Extreme sports shows and performances have been used on a number of occasions to make opening ceremonies extra special.

Streets United and their entertainers have been supplying extreme entertainment to opening ceremonies around the world for more than 10 years.
Extreme sports entertainment for opening ceremonies has varied creating staged and Adhoc entertainment for openings of Stadiums, sports stores, car exhibitions, shopping malls, restaurants, businesses, marinas, ship dock yards and theme parks.

Types Of Opening Ceremony Entertainment:
The different types of extreme entertainment for opening ceremonies has consisted of choreographed stage performances to freestyle outdoor performances and world record setting displays.

For any further information and details on extreme sports entertainers for opening ceremonies please contact:

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