Piano Acrobatic Player for EVENTS

Have you ever seen a piano acrobatic player for events as an entertainment piece?

How do you think your audience would react to an acrobat performing on top of a piano?

Have you ever been to an event and felt you wanted more from the entertainment? This unique piano acrobatic player for events will change that feeling and you’ll be blown away by her performance. This act will leave your guests awe-inspired and wanting more.

What are the logistics of the show?

It’s obvious that this act will need a piano so you’ll be happy to know that we can arrange this to be taken to the venue no matter the location. Performance times vary from between 5 to 10 minutes depending on what exactly you require for your event. Between 2 to 3 performances can be arranged throughout the night so if you were after other entertainment, this can be combined with different shows.

The wow factor of the show

When you’re at an event and spot a piano player, you wouldn’t expect the pianist to get up and start performing on top of the piano, would you? This is no ordinary piano player, she will definitely get your crowd going. After playing a piece of music on the piano, the performer will get up on top of the piano and start performing her acrobatic skills. Some of her moves will include lying on top of the piano while playing and then perform a carefully planned handstand which she will hold for a few seconds. Your guests at the event will definitely come back for more show-stopping action.

For an award-winning and highly professional piano acrobatic player for events, please contact us using the details below.

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