POST LOCKDOWN entertainment event ideas

What post lockdown entertainment event ideas do you think will really surprise the audience at your next event?

How will everyone want to be entertained at events after lockdown has ended and the world is back to normal?

There will be so many people wanting to go out and celebrate the lift of lockdown! Streets United no doubt have entertainment acts rearing to go just to get people socialising and interacting again after so long. Below are just a few event ideas, but by no means is this an exhausted list. It’s just something to whet your appetite of entertainment options for post lockdown entertainment event ideas.

Unique Entertainment

When it comes to artwork, 3D interactive artwork is a unique entertainment pleaser! Promotion at its best, you can easily get attention with a great design outside your shop or at a festival. 3D artists can create and design a 3D drawing on the floor and present it as an interactive piece of art where people can take pictures and themselves.

Another unique and more dazzling piece of entertainment which you don’t see often is a fitness skipping light show. This will be great for an indoor or evening outdoor event as the darkness will enhance the show. These artists perform acrobatic moves and some very impressive skipping routines all whilst using LED lights either on their costumes or on the skipping ropes.

Bring some magic back into your life

Streets United will help you do this by providing a projection magic entertainer to your event. The artist performs his show using a projection or LED screen. One of his high-tech magic tricks includes pulling certain objects from the LED screen, but that’s just a taster of what can actually be performed.

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