Private Event Cake Projection Experts

Private Event Cake Projection Experts

Are you searching for private event cake projection experts?  

Would images or video projected onto a cake be ideal for your event that you are preparing?

These specialists create memories onto cakes through projection mapping and they’ve hit home for creating visually incredible displays onto cakes for memorable events and occasions.  Whether it be a birthday party, anniversary, wedding or celebration of any type of projection mapping onto cakes is what these specialists do and do extremely well. 

Memorable Display with Projection

Triggering of emotion creates a memory and this is exactly what these projection mapping cake experts specialise in. Whatever the occasion, the private event cake projection experts will string together and create a storyline relating to the event or the person that the event is dedicated to. These images or videos will be projected onto the special cake.

The cake can also be created to a minimum size or there is no limit to how big the actual cake can be, the bigger the cake the more visually incredibly projection mapping.

Creation & Setup

There are unique ways in which the private event cake projection experts display and put together the projection onto the cake. For example, there are special types of projection images that can be created to actually walk around the room or the venue and create a storyline whereby these images whether they are walking people, moving cars or flying objects create attention by moving around the room or venue and then proceeding to jump onto or appear on the cake. This appearance onto the cake will start the cake display.

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