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Do you have a product launch approaching?

Are you searching for new entertaining ideas?

Hopefully our ideas below will give you an idea about how to organise your

Product Launch Entertainment!

UK Trial Bike Show
UK Trial Bike Show

When a product is launched it is a really special occasion for both brands and the users or potential users of that product. A launch signifies something NEW and something that has never ever been seen, used or experienced by anyone before therefore significance in launching a new product is taken to heart in most cases.

Streets United as a creative entertainment supplier have been creating, consulting, coordinating and choreographing entertainment for product launches for the past 10 years.
Throughout these years we have come to learn that the more memorable a launch can be through visual and wow factor entertainment the better that Product will be though off and obtained by potential customers.

Our advise on entertainment for launching a product is:

– determine what entertainment would best suit the product
– how LARGE or WOW factor wise you would like the entertainment used to launch a product
– Whether ALL female, ALL male or a mixture of men and women entertainers would be best to help launch the product
– If a series of entertainment shows or a one off specially produced piece of entertainment show will make enough of an impact to your potential clients

We hope that this advise will help you to decide what types of entertainment might work for a product launch.

Should you like any further advice on entertainment or entertainers for product launches in Europe – Asia – Middle East – Australia – Africa – North America or South America them please do contact:

Streets United

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Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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