Professional Artists for Motion Capture Video Games

Are you looking for professionals for video games?

What would be some ideal artist for a video game?

Hopefully your questions will be answered by our Professional Artists for

Motion Capture Video Games!

Freestyle footballers for video games
Freestyle footballers for video games

When searching for professional artists of any type of street sport for a motion capture shoot its got to be the creme of the crop.
These professional football freestylers were all part of the motion capture shooting for FIFA STREET where their skills were used in the video game for famous football players.

Professional artists are always best to use when it comes to motion capture shooting as the difference will certainly show in the actual video game.

These football street freestylers and players have featured in a handful of EA video Games. Mainly street and football related.

– A studio with not so slippery flooring

For more details about street soccer players and football freestylers for motion capture video game shooting please contact:

Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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