Qatar World Cup FOOTBALL Themed Entertainment

Qatar World Cup Football Themed Entertainment

What are the best Qatar World Cup FOOTBALL Themed entertainment ideas?

What kind of football entertainment would gain the most interest?

Football is very popular throughout the world, this is why Streets United aim to provide the best Qatar World Cup football themed entertainment. Football freestylers have become the best performance when it comes to entertainment with an actual football. They provide entertainment by doing different tricks with a bowl and attracting a large audience to their shows.

Football Activities for World Cup Football Entertainment

The game allows anyone to play from kids to adults and usually lasts between 4 to 6 mins. Football Pool has been an EXTREMELY popular setup at private events and public events this is why it is perfect for world-cup entertainment in Qatar.

Qatar World Cup Football Themed Entertainment
Football Pool

Speed Striker Football

This is a great entertainment pleaser for anyone attending a football event. The aim is to get the ball to hit the net at the target point to earn points which in turn earn you prizes.

Speed Striker

Football Entertainment Shows in Qatar

This can be anything from football freestylers showing off their tricks such as balancing a ball on their back and flipping it onto the ground or juggling it with their shoulders. Another type of entertainment football show is when a huge football is placed in the middle of a large area and free runners do tricks and stunts around this feature.

Dancing with a football in Qatar

So this sounds strange, but it’s well worth the watch. A couple literally dance circles around a football for entertainment. They perform latin American dance style moves around a football all to the beat of rhythmic latin music.

Qatar World Cup Football Themed Entertainment
Dancing Football Duo

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