SOCCER Entertainers for Football EVENTS

Are you looking for SOCCER entertainers for football EVENTS?

Are you a big fan of soccer tricks and are hosting an event?

If you are planning on hosting a football event and are looking for amazing entertainment for your guests, look no further! Streets United will provide you with SOCCER entertainers for football EVENTS who can perform all sorts of football tricks to capture an audience! This duo will put on an amazing performance for your guests with their sophisticated football tricks and leave everyone asking for more.

Performance type

These entertainers are able to perform for audiences of all sizes. Their hypnotising performances will be the highlight of your event! They can perform some really entertaining acrobatic tricks such as cartwheels and handstands without ever dropping the ball. Their most exciting tricks are keeping the ball on their feet while lying on their backs and doing synchronised backflips with the ball in between their legs which will certainly surprise your guests! The full performance lasts from five to ten minutes, but if you want to extend the experience and make it more active, then interactive workshops can be given to kids and adults looking to better their football skills.

Location of the show

These SOCCER entertainers for football EVENTS are perfect for product launches, stage shows and corporate events. If you require them for different types of events don’t worry! These entertainers are flexible in their locations and can perform anywhere. They will need minimum dimensions of 5m x 5m to perform all of their tricks and acrobatics.

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