SPEED Painting Performer For MIDDLE EAST Events

Speed Painting Performer For Dubai UAE Events

Is it a SPEED painting performer for MIDDLE EAST events that you are looking for?

Do you require a portrait to be painted live at a corporate event in the MIDDLE EAST?

This highly professional and one of the world’s top SPEED painting performers has created several performances for live audiences in the MIDDLE EAST. His expertise in creating portraits, landscapes, products or visual shapes through a SPEED painting performance is probably one of the best in the world.



His superb SPEED painting entertainment performances have been performed in front of large corporate companies, royalty, as part of private birthday party events and for surprise entertainment at celebrity and brand awareness events.

Special Events

Some of the most memorable and emotional types of SPEED painting performances that this SPEED painting performer for MIDDLE EAST events has performed at has included the element of surprise where the watching guest or the main guest of the event does not know that a portrait is to be painted of himself or herself. When the drammatical performance starts by the SPEED painter, nobody has a clue as to what is being done on stage until only moments before the reveal of the finished creation.

The other types of events that the SPEED painting performer for MIDDLE EAST events has performed at includes conferences, brand marketing events, birthday parties, weddings, private events, seminars and exhibitions.

Different Countries

The different countries that this SPEED painting professional has performed at in the MIDDLE EAST are for events in Oman, events in Qatar, Lebanon, the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Bahrain and Turkey.

No matter the country in the MIDDLE EAST or anywhere else in the world this SPEED painting entertainment professional will without a doubt deliver an incredible performance.

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