STREET Entertainment for Festival EVENTS

Street entertainment for festival events

What type of street entertainment for festival events would you want to see?

How can you jazz up your festivals to entice the crowds?

When it comes to street performers everyone looks for the wow factor that will stop you in your tracks. The feeling you get when you’re trying to work your way through the crowd to spot what performance is happening and you get to the front holding your breath in anticipation to see an amazing sight. This street entertainment for festival events is a must-have at your next festival.

What kind of street entertainment can be provided?

All street performances are unique as all artists have varying skills to show off. Some of the entertainment on offer for festival events include street walking statues who generally walk around a small area and pose in their statue position for a period of time. These statue performers also interact with the audience, for instance, they may walk up to someone and shake their hand or pull a funny face at them. If you have a specific requirement, these are done upon request. 

Levitating statues are very popular in the street performing world. These type of statues will get you asking a lot of questions like how they actually stay in those awkward positions for long periods. Living statues such as Julius Caesar and gold or silver painted soldiers can be provided food festival entertainment. Another popular statue for an event is a mirror statue, they literally reflect everything! Sports themed statues can dress into any type of sports attire you require. 

Number of artists for the festival

You can either have solo or group performances at your festival event.  It may be advisable to have a group performance at the festival as this will attract more people. The great thing about these street entertainers is that they can wear any sort of theme or colour costume to suit your event.

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