Street Gymnastics STRENGTH Fitness Show

Street Gymnastics is probably best described as a freestyle form of gymnastics!
Street Gymnastics Show - Gala dinners
Street Gymnastics Show – Gala dinners
Using a totally portable metal frame structure (pictured above) that can be branded. This street gymnastics group demonstrate pure natural body strength by performing moves and entertaining skills like one arm pull ups, toe hanging and a back of neck move where artists hold their body on the horizontal bar using nothing but the back of their neck.

Display & Techincal Details
A street gymnastics display or show can be done by 1-10 strong men/women, the more people the better the hype of the show. The street gymnastics show can be performed absolutely anywhere indoors or outdoors.
With the portable metal frame the street gymnastics show can be performed at school inspirational event days, corporate events, festivals, dinner gala’s, branded events, or fitness exhibitions, just to name a few.
Space Required: 5m(W) x 5m(L) x 2.5m(H)
Length Of Show: 5min – 15min depending on how many people are performing
Themed: The show can be themed anyway you wish. If you wish, the artists can be all dressed up as super heroes, old men or women, waiters, policemen, businessmen or simply in fitness gear.
Cost: All depends on where the event is, how many artists are required and how many shows are required.


Should you require more details about this show, the themes that are possible and the artists that can perform in this street gymnastics show, please contact
Streets United

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