Street performance entertainment for events

What kind of Street performance entertainment for events will be popular to use?

How can entertainment be improved for future events?

Street performance entertainment for events can come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and acrobatic skills. At Streets United we provide the best entertainment on offer and aim to cater to all your event needs. Street performers can be found anywhere in the world and they provide highly entertaining shows. They aren’t just dedicated to performing on the streets, they can perform at a variety of events including promotional events, corporate and private events.

Pogo stick street performers

These performers are highly talented! They don’t just stand around bouncing on a stick, oh no there’s a lot more to their performances. They add a couple of tricks such as somersaults and flips and possibly jumping over cars to their acts to get the crowd going. These professional pogo stick stuntmen and entertainers have been bouncing around for years having performed at live stage events or as part of street marketing campaigns too.

Street Statue performers

In most modern city centres you will find people just ‘hanging around’ the streets. These are professional street statue performers. These statues can also walk around the streets in a small area and pose in their statue position for a period of time. These statue performers also interact with passers-by, for instance, they may walk up to someone and shake their hand or pull a funny face at them. It’s a great photo opportunity to get your picture taken with a levitating statue!

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