Street PR Marketing Stunts

Have you ever seen live street stunts?

Are you searching for a highly engaging  PR stunt?

Hopefully our Street PR Marketing Stunts will give you some ideas!

Paris - Europe - Football flash mob
Paris – Europe – Football flash mob

Grabbing attention and making heads turn is what street PR stunts are about. Leaving a lasting memory on someones mind and having that lasting memory relate to a brand, product or service is the creative thinking behind many marketers today.
Giving that WOW factor to any aspect of PR stunts is what we at Streets United can certainly help in making a PR stunt unforgettable.

– British Telecoms parkour street running
– SWATCH shop front street entertainment
– Budweiser street stunt marketing
– McDonalds street dance product launch
– Footlocker Sports artists street parade
– Football flashmob

These are just some of the many street PR stunts we have created, coordinated and produced over the years.

For more information about Street PR Stunt Professionals please contact:

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