These are just some of the types of events & entertainment Streets United supply and services we provide and have provided in the past:


Street sport entertainment, street entertainers, entertainment, live shows, stage shows, performances, professional, artists, acts, live acts, stunts, world records, marketing, marketing campaigns, roadshows, stage shows, stage entertainment, awards ceremonies, dinner functions, conferences, live stage events, events, street events, indoor events, out door events, exhibitions, fashion shows, stadium entertainment, guerilla marketing campaigns, brand awareness events, brand launches, brand promotional activities, advertising agency entertainment solutions, advertising agency stunts, flash mobs, all female flashmobs, all male flashmobs, street flashmobs, station flashmobs, water flashmobs, park flashmobs, town center flashmobs, shopping center flash mobs, airport flash mobs, train station flash mobs, cruise liner flash mobs, car park flashmobs, sporting events flash mobs, brand awareness flash mobs, clothing label brand launches, shoe launches, jewelry launches, Bank opening events, high street entertainment, stadium flashmobs, city center flash mobs, community flash mobs, flash mob choreography,  full coordination of any flash mob type, flash mob solutions, marketing agency entertainment solutions, extreme sports entertainment, extreme sport entertainer, hype up shows, hyped up entertainment,  promotional events, street promotions, shopping center promotions, in store promotions, in store or in shop entertainment, half time pitch entertainment, festival entertainment and activity areas,  beach festival entertainment, beach activity, beach sports events, sporting events, weddings, corporate entertainment, product launches, shopping center entertainment, TV commercials, TV adverts, TV contests, talent shows, TV Idents, Live TV shows, gala events, social media advertising videos, facebook viral videos, youtube video virals, Guinness world record TV shows, talk shows, viral videos, video shoots, music videos, photographic shoots, photo library shoots, fashion shoots, fashion magazine shoots,  music concerts, musical festivals, concert tours, night club entertainment, party entertainment, charity events, community events, community entertainment, skill town hackney, cre8, hackney old baths, street sports workshops, community workshops, fundraising events, inspirational days, inspirational entertainment, inspirational artists, inspirational athletes, inspirational street sports workshops, fitness workshops, legacy workshop, street sports inspiring a generation, inspire a generation through street sports, corporate social responsibility through street sports, prison street sports workshops, prison street sports activities, juvenile street sports programs, juvenile prisons street sports workshops, youth incentive street sports programs, schools street sports tours, youth life skills, positive youth street sports programs, under privileged childrens programs, childrens hospital entertainment, orphanage entertainment,  obesity prevention street sports solutions, community ice breakers, tacking obesity programs, CSR initiative through street sports, CSR programs health and fitness street sports advise and talks, street sports talks, school workshops, school street sports entertainment, school street sports programs, school sports camps, summer camps, after school activities, physical street sports activities, street sports fun club house events, club house entertainment, casino live entertainment, casino stage entertainers, childrens workshops, street sports workshops, step by step workshops, basic street sports and arts workshops, skills workshops, childrens entertainment workshops, kids workshops, kids street sports entertainment, childrens parties, bar mitzvah entertainment, bar mitzvah entertainers, bat mitzvah entertainment, bat mitzvah entertainers, bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah entertainment workshops, private events entertainment, corporate events entertainment, celebrity events, celebrity entertainment, red carpet entertainment, red carpet events, film premiers, movie premier live entertainment, Private estate entertainment, military events entertainment, military sports training parkour martial arts, entertainment spectaculars, car show entertainment, car launches, car promotions, car roadshow brand awareness, motor  show entertainment, motorshow stage shows, car festivals, car stunt shows, motorbike stunt shows, motorbike stage shows, live motorbike stunt shows, motorbike brand awareness campaigns, drifting shows, motorbike tricks shows, motorbike festivals, motor vehicle shows, heavy duty truck show, construction and agriculture machinery entertainment shows, fork lift entertainment shows, crane stunt and acrobatic shows, stunt shows, high diving stunts, movie stunts, movie stunt choreography and coordination, PR stunts coordination, Public Relation stunt shows, wheels or neumatic entertainment show, sports tournament entertainment, VIP box entertainment, VIP area entertainment, VIP personal entertainment, VIP childrens party entertainment, VIP event entertainment, VIP home entertainment, VIP street sports workshops, VIP training in street sports, VIP personal fitness trainers, VIP kids parties, VIP cruise boat entertainment, VIP island entertainment, VIP birthday party entertainment, VIP weddings, VIP anniversary entertainment, Very important people entertainment, VIP mansion entertainment, Royalty entertainment, Royalty palace entertainment, Royalty private event entertainment, Historic monument entertainment, Theme park live stage show entertainment, amusement park live stage show entertainment, Theme park and amusement park entertainers,  NFL live entertainment, fan park live entertainment, fan park stage shows, fan park street sports workshops, sports clubs entertainment, sports park live stage entertainment, Christmas event entertainment, Christmas staff party entertainment, Companies Christmas live entertainment, Christmas themed events entertainment, end of year live entertainment, staff Christmas party entertainment,  football awards events, video game capture, artists for motion picture capture, video game launch live entertainment, gaming conferences, gaming events, gaming exhibitions, tech festival entertainment, technology events, professional artists 3D motion picture capture, artists for video game capture, events entertainment consultancy, events entertainment coordination, events entertainment concept design concept production,


The various Street Sports and Urban Arts entertainment & educational services we supply:

freestylers, football , basketball, rugby, trial bikes, acrobats, street ball, dunking, dunkers, beatbox, beatboxking, MC’ing, MC’s, beatboxers, live beatboxing, BMX flatland, BMX entertainers, street BMX riders, BMX trial bikers, BMX stunt riders, BMX jump show, BMX half pipe entertainment, BMX tricks, Capoeira entertainers, Capoeira. 

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