SYNCHRONISED Drone Display Entertainment for FESTIVAL EVENTS

Aerial Synchronised drone display

Have you ever witnessed synchronised drone display entertainment for festival events at any festival you’ve been to?

Are you looking for the next wow factor to light up your festival once the night kicks in?

Drones are becoming very popular especially in the entertainment world. If you’re after an entertainment show that’s going to be an awesome crowd pleaser then Streets United has just that! Synchronised drone display entertainment for festival events are in high demand so you would need to let us know a while in advance of your festival to book this entertainment.

If you’re after a truly stunning display of precision and unison formations, this synchronised drone show will be a welcomed addition leaving your festival-goers mesmerised.

Events Type

These synchronised shows will be suited to your festival to your exact specifications in order to give a fully immersive experience. Displays include formations of 3D images and shapes which all move in real time.

These displays can be a whole range of pictures or figures such as animal displays, letters and random objects to suit your festival theme. These synchronised drones can replica the effect of fireworks and create eye-catching creations just as explosive, but a lot more environmentally friendly.

Location of Events

As these drones need an ample amount of space to display their amazing synchronised formations, festival fields are very ideal as they stretch for miles. The reason why the bigger the space the better is because the true spectacle of the entertainment will be displayed a lot better.

Should you have any questions regarding this synchronised drone display entertainment contact us. If you have upcoming festival events, please get in touch using the details below and we’ll be happy to assist.

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