Top 12 Christmas Event Entertainment for 2017

Santa LED Light - Airboard Show
Are you tasked with organizing the Christmas party this year?
Are you looking for the perfect Top 12 Christmas Event Entertainment for 2017?
Well guess what look no futher as we’ve put together an entertainment shopping wish list that will even
Amazon will take a double look atšŸ˜šŸ˜.
All the below Top 12 Christmas Event Entertainment for 2017 are handpicked entertainment from throughout this year of 2017 and entertainment acts that have ranked highly at event awards over the past year for Christmas themed corporate events, Christmas office party events, Christmas private events and Ā Charity Christmas themed events.
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No: 12

Santa & Elf Roller Skaters

Some bubbly characters on wheels. These friendly ladies all dressed in either icy cool colour costumes of in Santa or elf themed outfits, roam around an drinks reception, welcoming area or Christmas event dance floor greeting guests, taking pictures with them and even showing them a few simple dance moves.
Roam around sets can vary from 5mins – 30min at a time

No: 11

Christmas Carol Beatbox Artists

Everyone has heard of Christmas carol singersā€¦ā€¦ but have you heard of Christmas Carol beatboxers. These talented harmonising beatboxers put a bit of a twist onto a Christmas Carol by adding an extra beat.
Beatboxing whilst harmonising a Christmas Carol is pretty impressive and certainly gives any Christmas carol a lively kick to it.

No: 10
Snow White Stilt Walkers

These snow-white stilt walkers and their crips Christmas themed costumes interact with guests in a silent and elegant way. Without saying a word theystrick positions that keeps people mesmerised at their actions and poses.
They also interact with their crystal balls and long white bamboo stick.
Perfect for any Christmas or Snow White themed event.

No: 9
Santa Clause Dancers

Coming in at number 10 for theĀ Top 12 Christmas Event Entertainment for 2017.
The Santa or father Christmas breakdance duo enter a venue without any warning and once their show music is played they kick into action. As part of their show they perform acrobatic and robotic tricks and also interact with the guests by getting them onto the dance floor, teaching them a few simple dance movesand also create a battle show between guests.

No: 8
Christmas Gift Walkers

Some walking surprises that always give a Christmasy feel to any Christmas themed event. The artist can perform walkabout sets throughout a 4hr period mingling and interacting among guests so that guests can take pictures with their HUGE golden wrapped Christmas gift.
Roam around sets can vary from 5mins – 30min at a time
Ranked at number 8 for ourĀ Top 12 Christmas Event Entertainment for 2017

No: 7
Christmas Tree LED stilt walkers

The LED light Christmas tree is a perfect visual for a dark setting, whether it be a dark Christmas event room or at the entrance to a venue where people enter to get into the Christmas event. The LED Christmas Tree is perfect for interacting with guests at a Christmas event, a cocktail party or to encourage people to get up on the dance floor.

No: 6
Christmas Dressed Tables

Midway at number 6 for ourĀ Top 12 Christmas Event Entertainment for 2017.
When is comes to serving up a drink these beautiful roaming Christmas themed tables do it better than any waiter in town. Some tables can hold up to 70 glasses at a time to ensure your guests at the Christmas party event do not go thirsty.

No : 5
Christmas Tree stilt walkers

Christmas Foliage
Christmas Foliage
This gentle giant Christmas tree foliage roams around guests towering above everyone, waving, smiling and blending into the Christmas event atmosphere. A roaming act that overs a perfect photo opportunity and that can be seem from all the way across any room at a Christmas event.

No: 4
Acrobatic Festive Flippers

This trio that is compiled of 1 Santa dancer and 2x elf acrobats have been known to leave audiences and guests attending a Christmas party or event with their mouths wide OPEN!!!!
They stroll around the event venue in their cool and funky manor mingling with guests until one of the trio shouts out an expression and they all jump around and form an acrobatic balance act.
They can perform Ā 3 x 45min sets in a 5hr period.

No: 3
Santa Football Trick Jugglers

Qwerky and super smooth are just some of the words used to describe these funny Christmas football tricks jugglers. Dressed as santa clause or father Christmas the professional football juggling entertainersknow how to get an audience laughing and trying out football tricks.
Ranked at number 3 for ourĀ Top 12 Christmas Event Entertainment for 2017

No: 2
Christmas Ice Scultpures

Needing that chill factor at your Christmas themed event, why not choose from one of the many ice sculptures our creative artists can produce from ice drink luges to ice bars to centre piece Santa ice sculptures.

No: 1
LED Airboard Santa’s

Santa LED Light - Airboard Show
Santa LED Light – Airboard Show

And at NUMBER 1 for our Top 12 Christmas Event Entertainment for 2017 these lovely glistening LED lit entertainers know how to turn heads and create a scene at a small or largely attented Chistmas event.

There are 2 options to have them as roaming entertainment of inbetween dinner courses performing on the main stage.
Coming in at number 5 for ourĀ Top 12 Christmas Event Entertainment for 2017.
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