Would you like to have TOP car stunt ENTERTAINERS for EVENTS at your own event?

Are you hosting a motor show or a car launch and looking for appropriate entertainment?

Motor shows & Car Launches

If you are hosting a motor show or a car launch, then the best entertainment for your event has to be car entertainment! Streets United can provide you with these amazing TOP car stunt ENTERTAINERS for EVENTS who will make your event extra special! Each show lasts between 15 to 30 minutes and 3 to 6 stunt cars are used to perform at once!

The stuntmen not only perform inside their cars by making them do impressive turns and drifts but also outside their cars. They stand on top of them while they are still rolling! The addition of sparks coming out the cars, a big bonfire and fireworks greatly add to the visual elements of the show. The MC and DJ also performing will make the show even more impressive to watch. Some of your guests will have trouble deciding what to look at! When choosing the venue for your event please be aware that a minimum space of 80m x 80m is required for the stunt cars to be able to perform all of their tricks.

Promotional – Viral and Social videos

If you think your only opportunity to promote your brand or new car is at your event then you are wrong! Entertainment shows that surprise the audience tend to be recorded and shared on social media. This generates even more promotion and these TOP car stunt ENTERTAINERS for EVENTS will be an example of that!

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