Top Entertainment for Sporting Events

Flyboard Show for Sporting events

Are you looking for the TOP Entertainment for Sporting Events?

Do you need amazing sports themed entertainment?

We have put together a list with stunts, tricks, and more performed by the best entertainers around!


Promotional Rugby Activations

Rugby is one of the worlds favourite sports and rugby-themed entertainment has become increasingly popular at the biggest global events! Promotional Rugby Activations have been used by brands everywhere to increase audience interaction and promote products at events.

Our list of Top Entertainment for Sporting Events kicks off with this great sport!


Flyboard EXTREME Water Show

Is your sporting event by the water and in need of some high-flying explosive entertainment? A Flyboard EXTREME Water show uses specialised waterjet equipment which allows trained entertainers to fly around and perform outrageous gravity-defying stunts!

Any event that is by a waterfront needs this show which puts it onto the list of Top Entertainment for Sporting Events.


Pool Table Trickster

No need for any extravagant equipment with this talented entertainer, armed only with a pool cue and balls a Pool Table Trickster can put on a show to rival all others! Crowds will gather and cheer when they see what this guy can do!

This skilful trickster earns a place on our list of Top Entertainment for Sporting Events.


Stunt Mountain Bike Entertainers

Stunt Mountain Bike Entertainers can ride on just about any terrain showcasing brilliant balance by hopping from one object to another all whilst on a single wheel!

The dangerous stunts pulled off by these amazing professionals earns them a place on the list of Top Entertainment for Sporting Events.


Stunt Driver for Events

If you’re looking for entertainment that will have the audience shocked and amazed at the same time, then you want a Stunt Driver! These awesome professionals can not only put on great solo shows, but also can use models (or brave participants) to make their feats even more daring!

What better way to wrap up our list of Top Entertainment for Sporting Events?!

Should you require any further details on the above acts, their technical requirements or details of their act please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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