Ubuntu, The Love that is Us

I had the famous pleasure of meeting Jed Lawrence at last year’s STR.CRD expo

acclaimed as one of Africa’s most talented b-boys, Jed and his crew, Ubuntu B-boys kick the truth on what it means to be part of a collective whole, the whole that is us, and how small excursions like the art of break dancing, can connect a man with his true infinite essence, the essence of creation, the recognition that we are for each other what we are for ourselves, Ubuntu… The word!

I wrote a verse to sum up how I relate to these words myself, how parkour has been an edifice in reflection of my greater being:


I’m a problem, insolvent, my resolve is a fortress

I’m no-less a man than the next, just less restless

I know more of this plan, yet still clueless

as the truth-is, cut on the teeth of the ruthless

so secluded,  you race towards vivid lucid delusions.


intrusive decisions made on a blade

prayed for and by your labour’s pain

in the past, your vision shall remain

maimed lives remain preserved in a cry

you cry and lie and lie and try and die


I fly

I fly

I fly

I fly and fly…

with no how, who, no when or what or why

just a where

where is everything, that lies not beneath the sky 

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