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Event entertainer - Wales
Event entertainer – Wales

For any type of event that is happening in Wales or the Welsh region this entertainer would definitely keep your guests entertained. His football freestyle tricks have been seen by many people around the UK and the world and can be performed at any type of event whether it be sporting, charity or corporate.
With over 5 years of experience at performing at Welsh Events this football tricks entertainer knows how to interact with adults or children at any type of event.

Previous Events:
Include school events, festivals, sporting events, corporate events and Olympic or World Cup football promotional related events in Wales.

Technical Requirements:
– minimum space of 2m x 2m
– a dry flat surface
– a sound system for show music

For more information on Entertainment For Events in Wales please contact:

Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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