Wedding Entertainment

Are you looking for entertainment for a wedding?

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Wedding entertainment
Wedding entertainment

Weddings are extremely memorable events and can be made even more memorable by having some unforgettable entertainment. With such a variety of wedding entertainment options these days it can be difficult sometimes choosing the right type.

Streets United’s wedding entertainment theory is what ever the bride or groom likes best is the right entertainment to go for. It’s their special day so their chosen wedding entertainment according to their preferences is highly important.


Welcoming entertainment:

This type of entertainment consists of static entertainment, entertainment called walkabout entertainment or roaming entertainment. Where by performers such as musicians, levitating statues or roaming sports acrobats entertain guests coming to the wedding prior to the main course.

Wedding Dinner or Course Entertainment:

These types of entertainment can be main stage performances like choreographed dance shows, table entertainment like iPad magicians or dance floor entertainment like basketball tricksters.

After Dinner or Wedding Party Entertainment:

This type of wedding entertainment can consist of live musical bands, acrobatic stage entertainment or LED light suite shows.

With a wide variety of options to choose from Streets United as worldwide entertainment specialists can assist in giving you entertainment tips, suggestions and ideas to make any wedding entertainment an unforgettable experience.

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